JuliaCon 2023

Working with spatial data in Julia
07-28, 16:30–16:40 (US/Eastern), 32-D463 (Star)

In this talk various Julia packages for processing spatial data coming from the Open Street Map (OSM) project will be presented. OSM is an excellent source of information about road system that can be explored by tools such as OpenStreetMapX.jl However, the OSM files also contain useful information points interests (restaurants, hotels, schools, stores etc.) that can be extracted and analyzed in Julia.

The OpenStreetMapX.jl package is capable of parsing .osm and pbf formatted data from the OpenStreetMap.org project. This data can subsequently utilized to extract information about city’s POIs (points of interest such as schools, hotels, restaurants, tourist attractions), measure actual distances, perform routing and build numerical simulation model that make it possible to understand dynamics of a city. A new package currently under development https://github.com/pszufe/OSMToolset.jl is aimed for mass extraction of various types of POI data from OSM files as DataFrame for further processing with other tools from Julian ecosystem. Additionally, OSM data contain links to other data sources such as Wikipedia and Wikimedia. This information can be processed in Julia and used for building various visualizations of attractiveness of urban regions. This lightning talk will take a form of a Jupyter notebook with a life demo of various processing patterns for spatial data.
The development of OSMToolset.jl was funded in whole by National Science Centre, Poland grant number 2021/41/B/HS4/03349. Presentation of this tutorial has been supported by the Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange under the Strategic Partnerships programme, grant number BPI/PST/2021/1/00069/U/00001

Przemysław Szufel is an Assistant Professor at SGH Warsaw School of Economics, Adjunct Professor at Toronto Metropolitan University. His main research focus is applying advanced analytics methods, and in particular, machine learning, simulation and optimization in modelling in bringing new value to business processes. He is a co-author of several tools and algorithms for optimal and cost efficient collection and analysis of large data sets in the cloud. He is a co-author of over 40 publications, including handbooks and journal papers, in the area of applying advanced analytics, machine learning and simulation methods to making optimal business decisions. He is an active member of the Julia language community - maintains 3 official Julia packages and has 2nd place answering Julia-related questions on StackOverflow. He is a co-author of book “Julia 1.0 Programming Cookbook: Over 100 numerical and distributed computing recipes for your daily data science workflow”. Przemysław is also co-managing SilverDecisions.pl project (that aims for representing and supporting business decisions), which has been elected by the European Commission to the Innovation Radar programe, grouping the best innovations financed by the EU funds.