JuliaCon 2023

Sharing Julia with the world
07-26, 10:00–10:30 (US/Eastern), Online talks and posters

Julia is a 21st century programming language, and one of the advantages of this is to create a healthy and diverse community and share our experiences and issues and the internet.

I have an Youtube channel with tutorials about Julia Language, in this poster, I would like to share best practices on creating new videos, the statistics comparing views and likes between Shorts and Long videos (since we are in the Tik Tok era and short videos are taking the attention more), and present how Julia can help to connect people in multiple environments. Sharing experiences and following the changes of the world with Julia is the purpose of having a world conference. The YouTube channel also helped to share Julia Language in Brazil and some other Latin American countries, spreading the power of programming computers to economical minorities and unfavored groups.

I am a first year PhD student at Carnegie Mellon University. I am a Computational Chemist working with Quantum Chemistry and Software Engineering. Some of my goals as a researcher are: exploring chemical space, developing new open source tools for scientists and make this world better and more inclusive for everyone!

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