JuliaCon 2023

Logging in Julia: Logging stdlib and LoggingExtras.jl
07-28, 15:30–16:00 (US/Eastern), 26-100

This talk will go into how to use julia's Logging standard library, in particular into how to configure it using LoggingExtras.jl.
LoggingExtras.jl is a suite of extra functionality on top of the Logging standard library to make configuring log handling simpler.
Primarily it works by separating all the ways you can configure the logger into a series of composable objects with only one function: filtering, splitting, transforming.
This allow for easy and comprehensive control of logging.

LoggingExtras was developed in 2018.
Its functionality has only had minimal changes since then, but a bit of polish and proving.
In 2022 it had its 1.0 release.

The main focus of this talk will be on the practicalities of configuring logging for larger applications and libraries.
Things like turning on Debug logging for a particular package, or muting warnings within a particular function.

The talk will also go into some discussion of how the Logging standard library works,
and why it works that way.
It will conclude with some commentary on issues with the current design and discussion of the future.

Frames has been a log time contributor to Julia and its ecosystem, going back to the late days of Julia v0.3. She had done many things at many times, but has a long term interest in automatic differentiation.