JuliaCon 2023

Learn Julia by creating Pull Requests on Github
07-28, 10:50–11:00 (US/Eastern), 32-144

The talk is about the creation of a GitHub repository that teaches users Julia by forking the repository and using CI/CD to autonomously teach best Julia practices.

The project was a creation of a Github repository that users can fork and submit Pull Requests, then leveraging the CI/CD of Github, have the CI/CD give corrections and tips of Julia building blocks like arrays, vectors, and matrices. Additional topics, such as statistics and dispatch have been added as new modules. Since the project is open sourced, Julia enthusiasts can create their own learning track by forking the repository. This was created to allow users to familiarize themselves with Julia, general programming concepts, and CI/CD pipelines. This is a critical tool for the community that can increase adoption of the technology. The project hopes to gain more traction during the Hacktoberfest event, where users look for repositories to contribute to, in order to win badges and status in the open source community . The idea was inspired by a similar module for the Haskell programming language.

I love Julia and I work in drug discovery machine learning/simulation