JuliaCon 2023

What's new in the Julia extension for VS Code
07-26, 16:30–16:40 (US/Eastern), 32-141

The Julia extension for VS Code provides features that help with developing Julia packages and ease interactive coding. It is widely used in the Julia community and sees continuous development. This talk will go over features and enhancements introduced since last JuliaCon as well as future developments.

The Julia extension for VS Code already provides a plethora of IDE-like features as well as functionality for interactive workflows. Last year's development cycle was mainly focused on improving the existing features -- both in regards to correctness and robustness. In particular, the live testing functionality was significantly improved and static analysis is much more robust. We have also introduced static analysis for Julia environments, which will check Project.toml and Manifest.toml files for consistency and present notifications about breaking and non-breaking package updates.

Sebastian is a Software Engineer at JuliaHub focusing on tooling around Julia, including the JuliaHub platform and the Julia extension for VS Code, as well as various other contributions to the Julia ecosystem.