JuliaCon 2023

SimpleMatch.jl, NotMacro.jl and ProxyInterfaces.jl
07-26, 16:40–16:50 (US/Eastern), 32-141

My super tiny helpers which may also help you. Let me present to you SimpleMatch.jl for nice inline dispatch, NotMacro.jl for using @not instead of !, and ProxyInterfaces.jl for quickly creating proxy types for Dicts, Arrays, etc..

Three tiny packages of mine, so tiny that they can be combined into one lightning talk:

SimpleMatch.jl is a super lightweight alternative to Match.jl. It simply reuses standard function dispatch syntax, but makes it available in a simple inline macro syntax which is much easier to read than defining inner functions.

NotMacro.jl solves the request that many coming from Python would really love to see not being part of the normal syntax. NotMacro.jl gives you @not to fill this gap.

ProxyInterfaces.jl is created around the idea of a Proxy. Say, you use Dict a lot, but sometimes whish, your dictionary had a special extra feature, which the default one just does not have. ProxyInterfaces.jl let's you focus on creating such extra feature by automatically defining all standard Dict functions for your proxy type. It also supports Array and other standard interfaces.

Stephan Sahm is founder of the Julia consultancy Jolin.io, and organizer of the Julia User Group Munich Meetup. In his academic days, he certified as Master of Applied Stochastics, Master and Bachelor of Cognitive Science, and Bachelor of Mathematics/Informatics. Since more than 5 years Stephan Sahm works as senior consultant for Data Science and Engineering, now bringing Julia to industry.

Stephan Sahm's top interest are in green computing, functional programming, probabilistic programming, real time analysis, big data, applied machine learning and in general industry applications of Julia.

Aside Julia and sustainable computing, he likes chatting about Philosophy of Mind, Ethics, Consciousness, Artificial Intelligence and other Cognitive Science topics.

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