JuliaCon 2023

Julia productivity enhancement with Boilerplate.jl
07-26, 19:00–19:03 (US/Eastern), 32-G449 (Kiva)

Anybody who works with data is likely to face with challenges to understand the underlieing data. Many times we use boilerplate codes. Boilerplate.jl is here to rescue and also we collected many more useful code.

Julia is actually the most powerful language of our time, even if people didn't realize it yet. I developed some code that is extremely simple but the more useful. I want to share with everyone, so it can help anyone to reach extremely fast development speed. Everything will be here: https://github.com/Cvikli/Boilerplate.jl
Most important: @sizes, @typeof, @display, @get for dicts, @asyncsafe and some more.
Have you every typed:
@show typeof(vari) or @show size(arr[1][1]), size(arr[2][1]), size(arr[2][2]) # or anything like this due to size doesn't handle your type? @sizes should be able to handle it till you are at base.
Also, note parenthesis is really slow to type. But more during the very short and concise talk.

Please note, I am really happy for any new idea, share it, so we can all grow together! ;)

AI developer.
I love programming since I was 10 years. Graduated in the best university in Hungary, got BSc. and MSc. Worked in more than 15 programming languages.
Co-Founder of DiabTrend startup.
Got introduced to Julia through a friend and we rewrote some of our code in there to test it. It was really convincing, since then working in Julia. And with a strong technical background, I can say Julia is the best language of 2023.