JuliaCon 2023

Keynote: Christopher Rackauckas
07-26, 09:45–10:30 (US/Eastern), 26-100

Dr. Rackauckas is a Research Affiliate and Co-PI of the Julia Lab at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, VP of Modeling and Simulation at JuliaHub and Creator / Lead Developer of JuliaSim. He's also the Director of Scientific Research at Pumas-AI and Creator / Lead Developer of Pumas, and Lead Developer of the SciML Open Source Software Organization.

Dr. Rackauckas's research and software is focused on Scientific Machine Learning (SciML): the integration of domain models with artificial intelligence techniques like machine learning. By utilizing the structured scientific (differential equation) models together with the unstructured data-driven models of machine learning, our simulators can be accelerated, our science can better approximate the true systems, all while enjoying the robustness and explainability of mechanistic dynamical models.