JuliaCon 2023

Simulation of fracture and damage with Peridynamics.jl
07-26, 14:50–15:00 (US/Eastern), 32-123

We introduce the new package Peridynamics.jl, which allows users to perform simulations of fracture and damage with the fast performance of Julia. Peridynamics is a non-local formulation of continuum mechanics based on a material point approach that has been of increasing interest in recent years. The purpose of the talk is to give a short introduction to the package and to showcase its capabilities.

Peridynamics uses an integral equation to describe the relative displacements and forces between material particles. Because this equation is also defined for material discontinuities, this method can conveniently be employed to model the spontaneous formation of cracks and fragments. Multiple material models of peridynamics were shown to correctly map complex fracture problems with various materials.

The package Peridynamics.jl is designed to make it easily usable and includes various features that help to set up simulations. The capability to model damage and crack growth due to contact with multiple bodies makes it a valuable tool for many applications. Extending the package with new material models is easily possible due to multiple-dispatch and Julia's powerful type system.

Ph.D. student @ Solid Mechanics Group, University of Siegen, Germany