Kiwi PyCon XII

Simplicity. Flexibility. Beauty.

Welcome to Kiwi PyCon XII. We are looking for submissions on any topics of interest to the Python community in Aotearoa. Our conference is attended by people with a wide range of interests and experiences, including experienced professional programmers, people who use Python to support their work in other fields, students, and hobbyists

Anyone can submit a proposal to be a speaker or poster presenter at Kiwi PyCon XII.

We have three presentation types for Kiwi PyCon XII
- Standard talks are 30 minutes long, including time for questions at the end. As a speaker you can choose how to use your time, but typically speaker talk for about 25 minutes and leave 5 minutes for questions at the end.
- If you need a little more time, extended talks are 45 minutes long, again including time for questions. Note that you may submit a proposal for an extended talk and include a note indicating that you can deliver a similar talk in a standard 30 minute time slot as an alternative.
- If you have something to share but don't want to deliver a talk, consider a poster submission. Prepare an A1-sized poster that will be displayed at the conference. during the scheduled poster session, conference delegates can view the posters and discuss the topics with presenters who will be on hand at the session.

We specially want to receive submissions from tangata whenua, from our whānau from the nations of the Pacific, from women, from all the colours and flags of the rainbow, from people with disabilities, from all our immigrant communities, and from any other underrepresented groups in our diverse Python community.

Python is for everyone and everyone has something valuable to contribute.

Please be advised and take into consideration that all talks will be recorded and uploaded to Kiwi PyCon's video channel (YouTube) – with full attribution to you as speaker, of course. This has been the case for Kiwi PyCon since 2013. By submitting a proposal, you are agreeing to have your talk recorded and uploaded for others to view. We do this to allow those who were not able to attend the conference, to benefit from what you – our wonderful speakers – so kindly shared in your talks. Keynotes are also recorded and shared in the same way.

Our conference is governed by a code of conduct which we ask you to read before making a submission. By making a submission you are agreeing to abide by the code of conduct. You can access the code of conduct at

You can enter proposals until 2023-04-14 23:59 (Pacific/Auckland), 2 weeks, 2 days from now.