Middleware Patterns for your Applications
08-20, 16:40–17:10 (Pacific/Auckland), Great Hall


Middleware components are super useful to implement various functionality in your applications ranging from authentication and monitoring to caching and rate limiting. In this talk, you will learn patterns to implement middleware for your Python applications. This talk will show you how to implement shared logic as middleware in your synchronous and asynchronous web applications as well as RPC applications (using gRPC).

In this talk, i will provide an introduction to the topic of writing middleware for your web and gRPC applications. Middleware is often simply brought in to an application's code base, without perhaps a thorough understanding of how they work. This talk will shed light on how middleware components work in popular Python web frameworks and gRPC applications.

You will learn to write your own middleware as well as use standard community contributed middleware to implement vital functionality in your applications. We will explore writing middleware to implement logging, monitoring and tracing for WSGI and ASGI web applications as well as gRPC applications.

Amit Saha is a senior software engineer at Atlassian based in Sydney, Australia. He’s the author of two books, including Doing Math with Python, and several other publications. He has spoken at various conferences and meetups including PyCon Australia (multiple times) and PyCon US (multiple times).