Mozilla Festival 2021 (March 8th – 19th, 2021)

Children’s privacy and data protection: Their rights, our future. Let’s Do It Together!

The aim is to explore the possibilities of educational practices that can:
(a) raise awareness amongst participants on key issues around data protection of children and adolescents and (b) to equip them with resources to have an active participation in decisions on these matters.

The activity is open to everyone! As it is meant to create spaces for discussions on these topics in which individuals across ages and diverse backgrounds can be included.

We will discuss ideas to develop policy and good practice recommendations to manage data for and about children and adolescents. To do so, we will do a role play activity to learn about what policies are, which actors are entwined and what data and privacy looks like in the digital era.

The experience and results will be shared through a blog post in which participants will be invited to collaborate and connect to continue amplifying these discussions.

We're hoping that many efforts and discussions will continue after Mozfest. Share any ideas you already have for how to continue the work from your session.

In case of less than five participants attending, we will talk about the issues and take notes with a more flexible dynamic. The maximum number of participants would be around 30 to better facilitate discussions and balance the diversity in standpoints.

With more than five participants we will use breakout rooms for the role play activity. Collaborative documents will be used as a support and to take notes of discussions’ highlights.

How will you deal with varying numbers of participants in your session?

This workshop is part of the JAAKLAC initiative which aims, amongst others, to articulate a global community interested in identifying and implementing ethical and inclusive strategies to privacy and data protection based on children and adolescents’ right to participation.

To contribute to this aim, a blogpost article will be shared describing the activity, reflections on its possibilities, limitations and ideas on policy and practice recommendations. Around two weeks after the session, a first draft of the article will be shared amongst participants willing to contribute in the development and sharing of the experience.