Mozilla Festival 2021 (March 8th – 19th, 2021)

Establishing Digital Third Places in a Person-Centric Local Web

The current World Wide Web is a collection of corporate-centric platforms where people are incentivized to generate and post attention-seeking content. Trust is low, misinformation is prevalent, and the volume is overwhelming. What if we built a high-trust, low-noise, person-centric, Local Web? Let's take a look at how we could build a Local Web of high-trust digital "third places" to serve friends, family, neighbors, and local organizations. We will discuss the values that a Local Web should have and (time permitting) also connect to an example server using standard web browsers.

We're hoping that many efforts and discussions will continue after Mozfest. Share any ideas you already have for how to continue the work from your session.

I have created a Slack workspace and have invited people to join me there. (I may also be able to find a co-facilitator through that.) People who attend the session will be invited to the Slack workspace to continue the discussion and efforts.

How will you deal with varying numbers of participants in your session?

For the example server, I'm thinking I should be able to handle more than 30 connections with no issues. If it were to become hundreds of simultaneous connections, that might be iffy. Having a smaller group for the example server would be fine as well. For the rest of the workshop, we can break out into smaller groups for discussion if necessary. (If Zoom breakout rooms are available, this is perfect.)