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We have created 5 session formats so that we can understand what type of session you will deliver and how you are planning for participant interaction. More information on these session formats can be found on our Proposals page.

At MozFest, sessions are thematically organised into spaces. Please read the brief descriptions of each space before answering the following questions.

You can use Markdown here. If your session is accepted, this description will be used in the schedule. There will be further opportunity to modify or edit. Please write at most 300 words.

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If your session is recorded, the recording will be displayed on the MozFest Plaza and we can provide a copy to you.

By checking this box, we will publicize your session as a non-recorded session on the schedule. Due to participant privacy, we will be unable to give you access to any recorded material for your session.

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If you have a co-facilitator, please add their email address here, and we will invite them to create an account. If you have more than one co-facilitator, you can add more speakers after finishing the submission process.