Biomimetic Problem Solving
Language: English (mozilla)

In this collaborative, interactive workshop we will explore how to use biomimetic principles to problem solve, for issues in AI and beyond. We want to look past the mechanistic way of thinking that asks us to focus just on metrics, dashboards and efficiency and turn back to the processes that shape our earth as a way problem solving.

First we will iterate on the problems we most want to solve, the challenges that face us and define our personal and collective experience. We will reflect on the technology challenges that scare us, the things that we fear about AI and how it might affect our communities.

Then using an online card deck of biomimetic principles, we will work in groups to connect the dots between our natural world and the challenges we face. We’ll have fun adding in new ideas, thinking through what innovations we can pull from the world around us.

Our goal is to prompt thinking, conversation and dialogue. We will consider what we can do to connect our thinking to our natural world and how to create resilient communities, networks and organizations that can work with an eye to what the natural world teaches. We’ll go into some examples and ideas around how we can be inspired and find solutions in the natural world as we conclude the workshop.

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