Temple of the Muses
Language: English (mozilla)

This portfolio explores the impact of AI and exponential technology on society, focusing on knowledge archiving, sharing, and transformation, while also acknowledging the harms and injustices caused by these disruptive processes.

Participants are invited to immerse themselves in a virtual library showcasing a series of seven worlds to explore the topics at their own pace throughout the event or in a public or private group.

House of Wisdom (Walkthrough)

Initiation Into The Mysteries (Walkthrough)

Confessions of Ma'at (Walkthrough)

Journey Into Self (Walkthrough)

Terrestrial Paradise (Walkthrough)

Rise of Superintelligence (Walkthrough)

Premonition of Love (Walkthrough)

Join on most preferred devices; however, the experiences are best accessed on a computer or laptop. A tablet, VR headset, or mobile device can be attempted if you have a stable & fast internet connection. Please note some worlds may take up 1-2 minutes to load.

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