Rabbit Holes Collective
Language: English (mozilla)

We invite you to metaphorically ‘fall down a rabbit hole’ to connect more deeply with nature through the sharing of personalised/adaptive podcasts. Getting a taste of the experiences we are co-creating with young people and artists around the world.

Building on the incredible 10 years of work by Forest of Imagination. June 2023 we will launch the Rabbit Holes Collective connecting mainly young people with the natural world, artists and each other via the medium of personalised podcasts.

In this session which runs in two parts.

Part 1: Discussion about the goal to create a worldwide community of practice focused around young people and their relationship to the natural world.
Feedback and thoughts are important as its still early stage.

Part 2: Access to the tool to create your own adaptive podcast.
After a detailed discussion, there will be the opportunity to experiment with the web tool, creating your own adaptive podcasts to share with friends and the world.

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