Open Education Global 2022

Kathy Essmiller

(Session Chair: K12 - Tues 16:00)
Kathy’s background is in music education, where she enjoyed over fifteen fantastic years making music with MS/HS band students (including her own two kids). She is an Assistant Professor at Oklahoma State University, where she works with the Research and Learning Services department to support and advocate for open practices. Kathy was 2019-2020 Open Ed Group Research Fellow, is a member of the GO_GN Global OER Graduate Network, and is co-designer of the ACRL Open and Affordability Roadshow. Her research interests include open practices, academic library publishing, instructional design and educational technology, and creativity. She holds Masters degrees in trumpet performance and educational technology, and PhD (Learning, Design and Technology) from OSU.


Academic Libraries and OER
Kathy Essmiller
English Language Track
Auditorium 450