Open Education Global 2022

Open education in open science framework - creating Policy for Open Education to Finnish research community
05-25, 11:40–12:00 (Europe/Paris), Salle H


Open Science And Research (OSCAR) Coordination of Finnish research community has included open education as one of its four major themes, besides open access publishing, open data and open research culture. Coordination uses a communal working approach, gathering all important organisations into decision making and letting everyone interested in the questions of openness to plan how to make research processes, research products and research-based education more open. Through this communal effort, Finnish research community is creating for itself a policy framework for all facets of open science. A part of this framework is a policy for open education, including principles and objectives for promoting both open educational resources and open educational practices. In my presentation I will detail the context, the development and the structure of this policy.

Ilmari Jauhiainen works as Senior Specialist of a secretariat facilitating Finnish Open Science and Research Coordination. His duties include being a secretary of the national Expert Panel for Open Education.