Open Education Global 2022

The Liberated Learner
05-23, 14:20–14:40 (Europe/Paris), Auditorium 450


The Liberated Learner, funded by the eCampusOntario Virtual Learning Strategy is an inter-institutional collaboration that brings together student co-designers and elearning professionals. This open resource consists of four modules that mirror the Ontario Extend for Educators modules (Lopes & Porter, 2018), but are customised to the learner context. These modules are Learner (learning strategies), Technologist (digital fluency skills), Collaborator (communication, group work, community member), & Navigator (curating, fact checking, other scholarly skills). The goal is to provide learners a similar opportunity to gain confidence and independence in their post-secondary experience online.

Recognizing that most issues post-secondary students face are complex and ill-structured (Cormier, 2021), the design and development of the Liberated Learner open modules were primarily student-led. During a week-long design sprint, 120 students generated 99 wicked problems. This collection of personal stories document students’ real life post-secondary challenges. These stories then informed the content of the 4 modules as they were developed together with student co-designers from each institution. They also provided a pathway into the Liberated Leaner modular support at multiple levels of experience (beginner, intermediate, advanced). Each module also consists of a student created Beats to Study to intro to help learners get into the learning groove.

This session will introduce participants to this resource and share how we built this with student involvement every step of the way.

Link to resource:


Cormier, D. (2021) Changing school from solving problems to dealing with problems – A way forward (part 2)

Lopes, V., & Porter, D. (2018). Shifting perceptions, changing practice: Ontario Extend [Report]. eCampusOntario (Ontario Online Learning Consortium). Retrieved from

Joanne can be found at the intersection of teaching, learning and technology as Lead Educational Developer, Digital Pedagogy, with the MacPherson Institute at McMaster University. In this role, Joanne provides pedagogical advice and support to the McMaster teaching community on how to create enriching open and technology-enhanced learning experiences. Her passions lie in open education practices, inclusive learning design, faculty development, digital literacies and thoughtful use of technology. She is co-chair of the McMaster OER Committee which is involved in building awareness and capacity around open education and oversight of an annual OER grant program. She has over 22 years’ experience in various roles at McMaster, and recently held a two-year secondment with eCampusOntario where she collaborated with Ontario post-secondary communities on advancing open, tech-enabled, and inclusive teaching and learning strategies.

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