Open Education Global 2022

Online course as a community-building and engagement tool
05-25, 11:00–11:10 (Europe/Paris), Auditorium 450


Online course as a community-building and engagement tool

Openness is a key value for Centrum Cyfrowe. Openness means caring about what’s shared. It’s a readiness to cooperate and share knowledge and skills. It’s the ability to look at what’s new from the perspective of the common good. It also means caring about the rights and needs of users. Openness is in the attitudes of people. It means being ready to change, grow and adjust to new circumstances. It is also a state of resources. It guarantees an equal access to culture, knowledge, content, data, code and technology. The free use of such resources allows people to develop their skills, be creative and fulfill their needs. It influences the shape of circulations and systems in which they exist.

At Centrum Cyfrowe ( we organize open online courses for teachers, librarians and students.
Our goal, however, is not only to reach as many people as possible, but also to build commitment that leads to changes in attitudes.
We will show our activities on the example of a course that has been in operation for 3 years and is intended for teachers and librarians in the EduCoop project ( and a course that is only being developed in the MediaNumeric project ( The second course will be for students.
Our courses have different audiences and topics, but they share the way we think about them. They are one of the tools we use to build engagement and community building.
We create courses based on the data we collect (including research) and on the collected workshop experience, which gives us a great foundation for working with online participants. Our courses are an open resource in themselves, but they also teach and encourage the creation of your own resources.

During our speech, we will tell you about it:
how do we build online courses and why?
why do we believe learners should be creative and be able to share their work?
what do we propose to participants after the course?
what can we learn from participants?
what happens with the course after its completion?

I heartly invite you to the story of how an ordinary online course can become the beginning of something much bigger.

See also: my presentation (3.8 MB)

Polish language and culture specialist, cultural activity organizer, trainer, active participant in education and the NGO environment. She has coordinated projects involving film education (Filmoteka Szkolna. Akcja!), reading education (Miłosz OdNowa) and cultural education (Sztuka Zaangażowana). At Centrum Cyfrowe she is responsible for the “SpołEd” Open Education Cooperative and introducing openness to schools and among teachers. She does workshops and training sessions on open resources and using new technologies in schools. She is a graduate of the Faculty of Polish Studies at the University of Warsaw.