Welcome to OW2con'21 CfP

OW2con'21 is a unique opportunity for participants and speakers to discover great projects while discussing and sharing experiences with regard to the main trends of their trade.

At OW2con, we look for talks that improve the technical skills of open source professionals, strike their imaginations and motivate them to excel professionally. The OW2 annual conference is appreciated for its short, focused and cutting-edge sessions. Please submit a presentation that fits in one or more of the following broad themes.

  • Developer topics
    We are looking for presentations on projects and initiatives addressing developer topics such as open source project best practices, software engineering techniques and tools, software component dependency management, software composition analysis, vulnerability and compliance verification tools, software quality testing, beta-testing and also contributors management and community development.
  • Leveraging open source responsibly
    Here we look for presentations that help grow awareness and expertise in implementing open source best practices, developing an OSS culture, and sharing experience. It's about compliance and code base management policies but not limited to this. It's also about embracing the full potential of OSS and proactively using OSS for innovation and competitiveness and digital sovereignty and transformation.

  • OW2 Project Spotlight
    That's classic OW2. Technology presentations based on OW2 projects, they showcase latest news on OW2 flagship projects and new projects presentations. Project presentations should include not only technical explanations, but also project demonstrations and feedback from end-users.

  • Open source ecosystem
    As open source is going mainstream it brings a whole range of new challenges to the open source ecosystem. IT developers, vendors, users and even open source organisations have to adapt to the evolution of business models and the rise of the mainstream decision maker, SaaS and platforms. We are looking for presentations focusing on OSS challenges or providing examples of updated strategies implemented to overcome those challenges. Addressing these issues with a focus on the European ecosystem will be appreciated.

  • Open source technologies
    We are seeking presentations showcasing the success of open source technologies in the following domains: AI, Application platforms (BPM, PLM, etc.), Collaboration (CMS, Wikis, etc.) etc.), Big Data and BI, Blockchain, Identity and user management, Infrastructure management, IoT, Natural Language Processing, Open Cloud Computing, Privacy and security.

  • Others
    We love any proposal with a content worth sharing with the OW2 community even if it is outside this scope. Do not hesitate to submit yours it will be evaluated with an open mind!

This Call for Papers closed on 2021-03-31 23:59 (Europe/Paris).