Welcome to OW2con'22 CFP (CFP closed now)

OW2con'22 is a unique opportunity for participants and speakers to discover great projects while discussing and sharing experiences with regard to the main trends of their trade.

At OW2con, we look for talks that improve the technical skills of open source professionals, strike their imaginations and motivate them to excel professionally. The OW2 annual conference is appreciated for its short, focused and cutting-edge sessions. Please submit a presentation that fits in one or more of the following broad themes. Please indicate to which theme(s) your proposal relates to. As OW2con’22 will mark the 15th anniversary of OW2 we are planning a special session to look back on our achievements.

  • Keys to reliable and predictable open source software.
    We are looking for presentations on tools, techniques and best practices that make open source solutions and their production environment more robust, and that or enable users to manage open source professionally. Success stories and experience sharing testimonials are welcome.

  • 15 years of OW2: retrospective, souvenirs, achievements
    As 2022 marks the fifteen anniversary of OW2, we would like to illustrate this key milestone with a dedicated retrospective session “15 years later”, with testimonials from members highlighting their progress and achievements with OW2.

  • OW2 projects
    A classic OW2 theme. We are seeking technology presentations showcasing latest news on OW2 flagship projects and new project presentations. Project presentations should include not only technical explanations, but also project demonstrations and feedback from end-users.

  • Responsible open source software governance
    Here we look for presentations that help develop the full potential of open source for innovation and competitiveness whether through compliance and code base management policies, implementing best practices, developing an OSS culture, and sharing experience, etc.

  • FLOSS European Ecosystem matters
    In the wake of the European Commission clarifying its OSS strategy, we are looking for presentations talking about comparable OSS government initiatives and new perspectives on open source as a business model and an enabler of digital sovereignty in the European ecosystem.

  • Research and invited projects
    OW2con is a platform for communicating about collaborative research projects. We welcome presentations from EU-Funded projects, specially those that provide working demonstrations and are ready to be tested. We also like to showcase open source projects from outside OW2.

  • Beyond OW2
    Emerging technologies, new opportunities and challenges, we love any proposal with a content worth sharing with the OW2 community even if it is outside the scope of our main theme. Do not hesitate to submit your talk, it will be evaluated with an open mind!