Are Project Tests Enough for Automated Dependency Updates? A Case Study of 262 Java Projects on Github
2021-11-10, 17:50–18:10 (UTC), Room I

Updating to a new version of a third-party library is traditionally not a trivial task. Github's dependabot, Renovate, and similar services automatically create a new branch with the latest version of a library dependency and then execute project tests to detect any breaking changes. While such services are gaining a lot of traction, no study looks into whether test suites of average Github Projects have sufficient coverage and are adequate to detect incompatible library changes.

To better understand the state of test coverage and effectiveness of project test suites for detecting incompatible library changes, I will, in this talk, present a study comprising 262 Java projects on Github. By artificially injecting faulty changes in library dependencies, we identify that test suites on average have coverage of 58% of their direct dependencies and 20% of their transitive dependencies. The average test suite effectively detects 47% of faulty updates in direct dependencies and 35% in transitive dependencies. Based on our findings, I will explain a set of recommendations for both developers and toolmakers that could potentially improve the reliability and expectations of automated dependency updating.

Joseph Hejderup is a Ph.D. student at the Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands. His research interests include Dependency Management, Program Analysis & Ecosystem Analytics.

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