Making Games With PPB
02-20, 14:35–15:00 (US/Pacific), Prerecorded Talks

Python and video games are both used independently to learn software engineering, so Python game frameworks have an important role in the software development space. Come learn how to make games in Python so you can level up, too.

We all know Python is a great learning language and a lot of software engineers got their start into software engineering by building or modding games. The combination of these factors makes Python games an important keystone in our community, even if very few of us end up making video games as a living.

In this talk, we’ll cover some high level concepts you’ll need to understand games, like events, event loops, and state modeling. Then we’ll cover the constraints and expectations of PursuedPyBear, Python’s newest game framework. Then we’ll discuss a summary its extensibility features.

At the end, viewers should be prepared to make a game in PursuedPyBear and have a selection of resources for how to improve their knowledge and skill set with video games.

Piper is a pythonista, game enthusiast, and web developer. You might know her from her talks given at conferences around the United States, a local tech meetup, or her open source work. She speaks on community building, game development, CS education, and trans identity in tech.

She's been involved in the Python community since 2014 with previous experience as an organizer in the NYC Python user groups. You can follow her work at