Britt Gresham

Britt is a Release Engineer at CircleCI living in Portland. He has spent most of his career focusing on infrastructure automation and uses Python daily in his life. In his free time he enjoys cycling, board games, and cooking.

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Débora Azevedo

Débora is a teacher, master student in innovation with educational technologies, member of the PSF board of directors and cofounder of PyLadies Brazil.

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Gajendra Deshpande

I hold M.Tech. in Computer Science and Engineering and PG Diploma in Cyber Law and Cyber Forensics from National Law School of India University, Bengaluru India. I have presented talks/posters/papers at prestigious conferences including JuliaCon, London, PyCon France, PyCon Hong Kong, PyCon Taiwan, COSCUP Taiwan, PyCon Africa, BuzzConf Argentina, EuroPython, PiterPy Russia, SciPy USA, SciPy India, NIT Goa, and IIT Gandhi Nagar. Worked as a Reviewer and Program Committee member for reputed International conferences including SciPy USA, SciPy Japan, JuliaCon, JupyterCon, PyData Global, and PyCon India, and publishers include Manning USA and Oxford Univesity Press. I am also a GitHub Certified Campus Advisor. I lead the PyData Belagavi chapter and the OWASP Belagavi chapter.

  • Security considerations in Python Packaging
Georgi Ker

Georgi is the PyCon APAC Conference Lead 2021 and organiser for several communities in Thailand including PyCon, RubyConf, PyLadies and Codewar. She is also a PSF fellow, member of PSF Diversity and Inclusion Workgroup and has won the PSF Community Service award in 2021. A mother of 2 teenagers, Georgi runs a Business Development and Digital Marketing Consultancy Firm. One of her current projects includes designing the website and assets for PyCon US 2022. During her spare time, she continues to learn new coding skills.

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Ian Hellen

I work as principal developer in Microsoft Threat Intelligence Center. I spent most of my time building and maintaining MSTICPy - our CyberSec hunting Python tool library - and creating Jupyter notebooks for threat hunting and investigations.
Prior to that I worked on Azure Security Center (now Defender for Azure), security assessments for Microsoft services and multiple security reviews/pen tests of Windows (as far back as Vista!).
I love skiing, snorkeling & scuba (recently), music and occasional messing around with Raspberry PIs and micropython devices.

  • Cyber Security Investigations with Jupyter Notebooks
Isaac Na

Hi! My name is Isaac Na, I’m a software engineer at Amazon, and I’m currently living in Seattle. I graduated in 2019 from Washington University in St. Louis and have been out here enjoying the Pacific Northwest ever since! Python is my language of choice when it comes to personal projects, and is primarily what I use when working on Council Data Project, which I’ve been involved with for two years now. Through Council Data Project I became involved in open-source development and Seattle’s local civic tech community. In my free time, I rock climb, play competitive Super Smash Bros. Melee, and cook homemade pizza.

  • Council Data Project: Infrastructure-as-code for civic transparency and accessibility
Jay Miller

Jay is a Developer Advocate at Elastic, based in San Diego, Ca. A multipotentialite, Jay enjoys finding unique ways to merge his fascination with productivity, automation, and development to create tools and content to serve the tech community.

  • Diversity in Neurodiversity: Help for Underrepresented Folks in Tech and Allies with New Mental Health Diagnoses
Jeremiah Paige

I am a long time Python developer of almost a decade. For most of that time I have used the language to drive systems programs in and on top of C. Python is a diverse and quickly growing community and I love to contribute to it even as I try to keep up. I currently help ActiveState deliver secure, pre-build python projects to enterprise customers and individual developers.

  • Invisible Walls: Isolating Your Python
Joseph Riddle

I am a software engineer in Spokane, WA (#PNW). Python was the first programming language I ever used, almost ten years ago. I only started using Python professionally in the last year, and I've been diving deeper into the Zen of Python ever since. I became the organizer for the Spokane Python User Group in the spring of 2021.

I enjoy long walks on the beach, candlelit dinners, and writing sonnets about Pythonic code.

  • How (Not) to Start a Python User Group
Madison Swain-Bowden

Madison is a Senior Data Engineer out of Seattle and an avid Python user. She currently works at Automattic on the Openverse team, and has worked at Ookla (, the Allen Institute for Cell Science, and the Broad Institute. In her spare time she can be found baking, building digital tools to help those battling oppression, contributing to open source, petting her cats, reading queer fiction, or playing video games.

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Marlene Mhangami

Marlene is a Zimbabwean software engineer, Pythonista and speaker based in the city of Harare. She is an advocate for using science and technology for social good and increasing diversity in these fields. She is a director and the vice-chair for the Python Software Foundation and the chair of the Diversity and Inclusion Work Group. In 2017, she co-founded ZimboPy, a non-profit organization that gives Zimbabwean young women access to resources in the field of technology. She is also an avid reader and is currently pursuing a computer science degree, with a concentration in Machine Learning and AI at the University of London.

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Moshe Zadka

Moshe has been involved in the Linux community since 1998, helping in Linux "installation parties". They have been programming Python since 1999, and have contributed to the core Python interpreter. Moshe has been a DevOps/SRE since before those terms existed, caring deeply about software reliability, build reproducibility and other such things. They have worked in companies as small as three people and as big as tens of thousands -- usually some place around where software meets system administration.

  • Tests as Classifiers
Neeraj Pandey

Neeraj is a senior at Ashoka University. Over the years, he has worked on a variety of full-stack software and data-science applications, as well as Computational-Arts and Quantitative-Finance projects, and likes the challenge of creating new tools and applications.

  • Building Elegant API Contracts: From Zero to Hero
Pradhvan Bisht

A Pythonista that loves playing around with web technologies and has an interest in backend development. Strongly believes in the FOSS ideology thus tries to give to the FOSS communities however he can.

  • Python’s tale of concurrency
Rodrigo Girão Serrão

Rodrigo has always been fascinated by problem solving and that is why he picked up programming – so that he could solve more problems. He also loves sharing knowledge, and that is why he spends so much time writing articles @ and giving workshops and courses.

His main areas of scientific interest are mathematics (numerical analysis in particular) and programming in general (with a preference for the Python and APL languages), but Rodrigo also enjoys reading fantasy books, watching silly comedy movies and eating chocolate.

  • Fifty shades of `sign`
Sayantika Banik

Curiosity drives Sayantika and exploring data is her favorite. She is a D&I advocate and all about giving back to the community.

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Tadeh Hakopian

Tadeh is a developer and designer in Architecture (buildings not computers). He has been a course author, trainer and open source contributor. Over the years he has taught other designers the value of coding and automation and wants to continue to spread that message to as many people as possible with training seminars and talks. He has been a speaker at national conferences about design, , tech and Architecture and loves to talk about new possibilities with innovation and technology.

  • Programming Your Way up a Skyscraper - Python in the Built World
Tereza Iofciu

Tereza is coaching data science at the neuefische ( bootcamp in Hamburg. Some of the roles she had in the past were data scientist, data engineer, and lead data scientist. She started the PyLadies Hamburg group and is now co-organising regular meetups dealing with data, python and IOT together with some awesome ladies. She is also a board member of the Python SV Verband and part of the Diversity&Inclusion and Code of Conduct work groups with the Python Software Foundation. She really loves data viz and she is also an ambassador for Observable. In her free time she draws dinosaurs under the label tiyepyep.

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Thursday Bram

Thursday Bram is a writer based in Portland, Oregon. Thursday is the author of The Python Style Supplement and co-editor of Our Python: A Volume of Pythonic Art. You can find Thursday on Twitter as @thursdayb.

  • Supporting the George Floyd Protests in Portland: Demonstrations, Legal Support, and Django Apps
Vivek Raja P S

Vivek Raja P S is working as Data Scientist at NexStem and Organiser at Azure Developer Community Groups in Tamil Nadu. He is also an AWS Community Builder for Machine Learning. He is Microsoft Certified Azure Data Scientist, AI Engineer, Data Engineer and Developer Associate. Besides, he loves to mentor hackathon teams, blogging and speaking at various developer groups in the field of AI & Cloud. He is also an active speaker, blogger in various Developer Communities such as at AWS User Group India, TensorFlow User Group, Google Developer Group, Tamil FOSS Community.

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