Python Conference APAC 2024

PyCon APAC 2024 Call for Proposals

We are excited to announce the Call for Proposals for PyCon APAC 2024.

PyCon APAC is a volunteer-run, not-for-profit annual conference centered around the Python Programming language. The goal of the conference is to provide a venue where the Python programming language and surrounding technologies can be explored, discussed, and exercised. PyCon APAC is the regional counterpart of PyCon in Asia-Pacific.

Previously, it has been hosted in the following countries: Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, South Korea, Japan, and Taiwan.
This year it will be hosted in Yogyakarta, Indonesia on October 25th-27th 2024.

Schedule :
Overall : October 25th (Fri) to October 27th (Sun), 2024
Workshops : October 25th (Fri), 2024
Main Conference : October 26th (Sat) to October 27th (Sun), 2024

Venue :
Universitas Kristen Duta Wacana (UKDW) Yogyakarta
Jl. Dr. Wahidin Sudirohusodo No.5-25, Kotabaru, Kec. Gondokusuman, Kota Yogyakarta, Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta 55224

We are looking for speakers who can inspire our audience with talks covering a wide range of topics related to Python and its ecosystem. Whether you’re an experienced Python developer, data scientist, academics, web developer, or Python enthusiast from every discipline we’d love to hear from you.

We chose (Em)Powered by Python as the theme for this year’s PyCon APAC to signify how technology isn’t just what is transferred in wires or what is seen on screens but also touches, and improves lives, real lives. We cannot wait to welcome you to Yogyakarta, Indonesia for PyCon APAC 2024.

Types of Proposals

We are accepting the following types of presentations, which can be delivered in either English or Indonesian: Note that because this is Pycon APAC, we will allocate more English sessions than Indonesian ones. Therefore, we expect the selection for Indonesian sessions to be more competitive than English ones.

  • Talk (30 minutes)
  • Short-Talk (15 minutes)
  • Workshops (90 minutes)
  • Poster

For detailed information, please refer to the "Description of Each Proposal."

Description of Each Proposal

1. Talk (30 Minutes)

Talks are the main content of the conference, allowing for a 30-minute presentation using slides.

2. Short-Talk (15 Minutes)

Short-Talks are for those interested to speak but can't get enough content for a full 30-minute presentation. This is also a good chance for a first-time presenters.

3. Workshop (90 Minutes)

Workshops are longer than talks and are in interactive classroom-like setting. Attendees are expected to follow your instruction in workshops.

4. Poster

You can display a poster about your works, projects, or about your community. It's great opportunity to showcase your work and potentially find new collaborators. Presenters do not need to be constantly near their posters.

Submission Guide and Evaluation Criteria

Please read on to get a better understanding of what reviewers would look for when evaluating PyCon APAC 2024 regular talk proposals and keep in mind when applying.

Proposals that match more of the criteria below will be evaluated higher.

  1. Practicality. In accordance with the theme of “(em)powered”, the talk showcases how Python can help solve a real world problem. The audience will learn about Python-based solutions for specific use cases and concrete problems. The talk should not only be interesting but also practically useful.
  2. Originality and perspective: Does the proposal present new ideas or approaches? We seek presentations that offer insights based on real-life experiences or specialised knowledge. We expect more than just a rehash of information easily found online. Deep insights and unique perspectives are valued. Even beginner-oriented topics can be highly rated if they provide useful information derived from personal experience.
  3. Relevance. One of these three is met: a) The talk is future-proof. It prepares the audience to keep up with the current development and tech landscape. b) The talk lowers the barrier to entry into Python for beginners (see Beginner’s Track). c) The talk contributes to deepening the discourse in the international Python community.
  4. Feasibility: Can the proposed talk be effectively delivered in the given time frame?
  5. Clarity: Is the proposal well-written and well-structured? Is the purpose and content of the talk clear? We prioritise proposals that clearly outline the purpose of the talk and what the audience can expect.

PyCon APAC is dedicated to Python and its ecosystem. Your proposal’s theme should be related to Python tools, practices, or topics that could capture the interest of the Python community. It's important to note that even topics not directly related to Python can be accepted if they have a significant impact or relevance to the Python community. For example, presentations about topics like Mojo are also welcome.

We also welcome talks and workshop topics for participants who have no experience with Python, which would be included in the Beginner’s Track.

Note that because this is Pycon APAC, we will allocate more English sessions than Indonesian ones. Therefore, we expect the selection for Indonesian sessions to be more competitive than English ones.

You can also submit several proposals for talks or workshops. However, you must fill out the form separately for each proposal.

Important Dates:

  • Submission Deadline: July 14th 2024 23:59:59 UTC+7
  • Notification of Acceptance: we use a rolling review, we will send a notification for the accepted talks every 2 weeks. So, the sooner you submit the better.

For any questions or further information, please contact our organizing committee at or visit our conference website at

We look forward to receiving your submissions and seeing you at PyCon APAC 2024!

This Call for Papers closed on 2024-07-14 23:59 (Asia/Jakarta).