Yuichiro Tachibana

Yuichiro works as a professional software developer and also loves contributing to OSS projects. As a Pythonista, he has participated in various projects including web development, multimedia streaming, data management, computer vision, and machine learning.

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Streamlit meets WebAssembly - stlite
Yuichiro Tachibana

Streamlit is a popular framework for interactive web-based data apps in Python. However, there are some cases where users want to run their apps offline or without sending sensitive data to remote servers. To address these concerns, we introduce 'stlite': a WebAssembly port of Streamlit. It provides offline capability, data privacy, scalability, and multi-platform portability including desktop app packaging, while preserving Streamlit's original features, such as Python productivity and its rich ecosystem.

after a short intro of Streamlit, we will review stlite in the context of the recent emergence of various Wasm-based Python frameworks such as PyScript, and show you what's possible with stlite.
We will also look at its internals from a technical point of view, which may inspire you with ideas on how to make use of Pyodide and how to transform Python frameworks for the Pyodide/Wasm runtime.

You can try out stlite online: https://edit.share.stlite.net/

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