Call for Proposal (CFP) for PyCon Sweden 2021

- CFP is now closed! But you can still submit lightning talks! -

Latest update: We have added lightning talks submission. To submit a lightning talk, choose "Lightning talk (5 min)" as session type, and please prepare a 5 minutes video of your talk and submit a link to that. You can ignore track selection by selecting the lightning talk track. We will broadcast the selected videos during the conference. Read more below:

To make a submission, click on submit proposal.

  • Fill in a title
  • Fill in the abstract of your talk, workshop, or lightning talk, this is mainly for the audience
  • Fill in the description. Here, you can describe the talk or workshop in more detail. For example, the importance of the topic, level of difficulty or prerequisite that the audience needs, who will be interested or benefit from your talk, the disposition, etc.
  • Optionally, fill in the notes section for anything else that you think is important for the reviewer to make a decision
  • Fill in a Biography.
  • Select the availability, please select as much as possible. If your talk is selected, we will try our best to accommodate the time slots, but on a best effort basis. Note that the event timezone is Europe/Stockholm.

To facilitate our review, please submit as much information as possible, including the relevance to Python, why it is of interest to the community, how is the talk original, and if possible, the disposition of the talk. After the proposal is submitted, you will receive a confirmation email and you can edit it until the deadline. If you do not get a confirmation, please contact us.

Select the category of your proposal

Select whether you want to propose a talk or a workshop.

Regular talks

Each regular talk will be given a 30 minutes timeslot (25 minutes + 5 minutes Q&A). Due to the uncertain COVID-19 situation in Europe, PyCon SE 2021 will continue to be online. Details of the logistics will be announced at a later stage. The conference schedule will follow Stockholm time (Central Europe Time) and we require the presentations to be given live.


Workshops aim to provide hands-on and practical experiences to the participants on technical subjects. Each workshop will be given a maximum of 90 minutes timeslot. If you need more than that, please state that in the notes of the CPF form and we will take it into account on the best effort basis.

Lightning talks

Lightning talks are short talks that last for 5 minutes max. To submit a lightning talk, please attach a link to a 5 minutes video of your talk in the "Notes" field. If your video is accepted, we will broadcast your video during the conference. No track selection is required.

Select a track

Select one of the five tracks. If you feel that your proposal does not fit into the above tracks, please select the closest one and state this in the note in your submission. No track selection is required if you are submitting a lightning talk (simply choose lightning talk in the track field).

Review process

The review is single-blinded and all the submissions will go through a rigorous review process by the program committee to ensure a high-quality program. We evaluate the submissions in terms of relevance with Python, originality, relevance and interest to the community, timeliness, and completeness. In particular, we value highly talks that are original and have not been given in other conferences before. We may also reclassify a selected talk to other tracks if the reviewers feel appropriate.

Expectation from speakers

We have the following expectations for all speakers.

Code of Conduct

All speakers will be expected to have read and to adhere to the Code of Conduct of the conference. PyCon Sweden aims to be a welcoming event, where people meet in a friendly environment. Accordingly, we expect that all participants are expected to show respect and courtesy to other participants throughout the conference.

Delivering a high-quality talk

Since all sessions will be given live through streaming, by accepting to present a talk or workshop at PyCon Sweden 2021, you agree to be recorded. To facilitate the live delivery of talk, we ask you to make sure that you have a good quality internet connection, camera, and update-to-date web browser.