PyCon UK 2022

Marc-André Lemburg

Marc-Andre is the CEO and founder of, a Python-focused project and consulting company based in Germany, specializing in the data, finance and database space. He also is a Python Core Developer, designed and implemented the Unicode support in Python.

Marc-Andre is a EuroPython Society (EPS) Fellow, a Python Software Foundation (PSF) founding Fellow and co-founded a local Python meeting in Düsseldorf (PyDDF). He served on the board of the PSF and EPS and loves to contribute to the growth of Python where ever he can.

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An introduction to async programming - Writing a Telegram Antispam Bot in Python
Marc-André Lemburg

Learn how easy it is to get started with asynchronous programming in Python.

The talk will provide a quick introduction to the basic concepts of async programming and demonstrate the techniques based on a Telegram antispam bot using the async library Pyrogram.

Assembly Room