PyCon UK 2022

Dom Weldon

Dom is a full stack cloud software engineer based in central London. He works as an independent contractor, primarily in financial services, and is a Principal Associate at Decision Lab, a consultancy with expertise in simulation, optimisation, and machine learning. Dom's primary expertise are in Python and Javascript, graph and relational databases, and IaC in AWS using Terraform.

Dom studied at the University of Cambridge and King's College London. Outside of work, Dom is interested in languages and travelling, and holds a voluntary statutory appointment monitoring the welfare and dignity of prisoners in a challenging North London jail.


It's Your Call(able): a tour of Python's callable (function) interface
Dom Weldon

A deep dive into python functions and the callable interface. We take a tour into everything that happens on on a “def” line and when you call the resulting function. We'll also explore how to harness detailed function metadata, and how to hack the decorator pattern.

Assembly Room