PyCon UK 2022

Dash Desai

With experience in big data, data science, and machine learning Dash is able to apply 18+ years of full-stack, hands-on software engineering skills to help build solutions that solve business problems and surface trends that shape markets in new ways than imagined before. As a developer advocate, he is passionate about evaluating new ideas, and helping articulate how technology can address a given business problem.

Dash has worked for global enterprises and in agile environments–for tech startups in the Bay Area in varying verticals, such as VoIP, Online Gaming, Digital Health, NoSQL database, and Data Cloud platforms.


Training, Deploying, and Running a ML model using Python and Snowpark
Dash Desai

In this session, we will train a ML model to predict ROI of variable advertising spend budgets across multiple channels including search, video, social media, and email using Snowpark for Python and scikit-learn.

Room C