PyCon UK 2022

Daniele Procida

I'm a Director of Engineering at Canonical, where I am working to transform documentation practice across 40-plus engineering teams. I love documentation, Python and PyCons.

I am the author of the Diátaxis documentation framework, a core developer of the Django Project since 2013 and I served as Vice President of the Django Software Foundation for several years.

I've been involved in the African Python movement for several years. I have attended multiple PyCons in African countries, and I was part of the organising team that held the first PyCon Africa in Ghana in 2019.

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How to wag a dog
Daniele Procida

Dogs wag their tails. When the opposite happens, it represents a disturbing, problematic reversal of the proper order. But not in software and its documentation! I believe the tail of documentation can and should wag the dog of software, and I'll show just how powerful this tail can be.

Assembly Room
Introduction to Diátaxis
Daniele Procida

Over the last year, the Diátaxis documentation framework has taken off in popularity. This workshop provides a brief introduction to the framework, and includes a number of hands-on exercises. It will be useful for anyone who has to work with software documentation.

Room C