PyCon UK 2022

Simon Davy

Hi folks

I am a software engineer at the Bennett Institute, working on OpenSAFELY.

I have been building things with python for a good while, with a focus on infrastructure and tooling. A long time Linux user, I previously worked at Canonical on Ubuntu for 9 years.

An even longer time ago I did a PhD in AI cloud scheduling, which explains why you might see me drinking a lot.

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OpenSAFELY: a python powered response to the COVID pandemic
Becky Smith, Simon Davy

OpenSAFELY is a secure, transparent, open-source platform, built in Python, in response to the COVID pandemic. It provides almost real-time analysis of millions of electronic health records. We will discuss privacy, security and research goals achieved by a cross-disciplinary team of researchers, epidemiologists and developers working together.

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