Susan Shu Chang

Susan Shu Chang is the founder, Quill Game Studios and Principal data scientist at Elastic. Previously, she built machine learning at scale in the fintech, social, and telecom industries. At Quill Game Studios, she grew the company to 10+ developers and shipped 2 commercial releases on PC and consoles. The studio is currently developing the game “Autumn with the Shiba Inu”. She’s a five-time speaker at PyCons around the world and keynote speaker at the O’Reilly MLOps Superstream. You can find her machine learning career guides at


Keynote - A journey through 4 industries with Python: Python's versatile problem-solving toolkit
Susan Shu Chang

In this keynote, I will share the lessons learned from using Python in 4 industries. Apart from machine learning applications that I build in my day to day as a data scientist and machine learning engineer, I also use Python to develop games for my own gaming company, Quill Game Studios. There is a lot of versatility in Python, and it's been my pleasure to use it to solve many interesting problems. I hope that this talk can give inspiration to various types of applications in your own industry as well.