PyCon JP 2024

PyCon JP 2024 CfP

PyCon JP is the largest international Python conference in Japan.

- Overall: September 26 (Thu) to September 29 (Sun), 2024
- Conference: September 27 (Fri), September 28 (Sat), 2024

Venue: TOC Ariake Convention Hall (

All content solicited through proposals will be for presentations at the conference.

This year's event theme is "from everyone import PyConJP," embodying the spirit of creating PyCon JP together through the involvement of attendees, speakers, and organizers.

Both experienced speakers and first-timers are welcome to apply via this page.

Types of Proposals

We are accepting the following types of presentations, which can be delivered in either English or Japanese:

  • Talk (30 minutes)
  • Mini-Talk (15 minutes)
  • Poster
  • Community Poster

For detailed information, please refer to the "Description of Each Proposal."

Proposal Submission Guidelines

There are no strict rules about the theme of the presentation. The review will be based on the following criteria. Please consider these when applying.

  • Relevance: Is the content related to the Python community?
  • Clarity: Is the content of the talk clearly described?
  • Expertise: Is the content based on personal experience or expert knowledge?
  • Practicality: Is the content interesting or useful?

Proposals can be submitted regardless of the level of experience with the content, from introductory to advanced levels. If you have been hesitant to apply because of limited experience, please do not hesitate; there will surely be attendees interested in your topic.

Please read the PyCon JP Code of Conduct before applying.

For speakers from afar, PyCon JP 2024 offers a support scheme for travel and accommodation expenses. Details will be announced later on the blog. For reference, see last year's support blog:

Every year, we receive more proposals than there are slots available. Due to limited space and time, PyCon JP reviews all proposals responsibly and makes the selection decisions. If you are curious about what kinds of proposals get accepted, please check the presentations from previous PyCon JPs (e.g., presentations from 2023:

How to Submit Proposals

You can submit proposals in the following 3 steps:

  1. Click the button, "Submit a proposal" on the bottom of the page, fill out the proposal form in either Japanese or English.
  2. Log in to Pretalx.
  3. Press the Submit button to complete the application (changes are possible within the submission period).

- Submissions can be written in Markdown.
- Notes will not be subject to review.
- Switch between Japanese and English using the language switch link at the top right of the CfP page.


  • Submission Start Date: April 23, 2024
  • Submission End Date: May 31, 2024 Anywhere on Earth
  • Notification of Acceptance: Planned for early July

If you submit or modify proposals after the deadline, they will not be reviewed.

Description of Each Proposal

1. Talk (30 minutes)

Talks are the main content of PyCon JP 2024, allowing for a 30-minute presentation using slides. Currently, we are planning for 40 slots, although this number may change.

2. Mini-Talk (15 minutes)

Mini-talks are for those interested in speaking but concerned about managing a full 30-minute presentation. First-time presenters are also welcome. Currently, we are planning for 12 slots, although this number may change.

3. Poster

You can display a poster at the venue. Presenters do not need to be constantly near their posters but will need to be during a specific Poster Session Time, which is planned to total 1-2 hours during the event.

4. Community Poster

You can display a poster introducing your Python community. It's a great opportunity to showcase your community and potentially find new participants and collaborators.

Like the "3. Poster," presenters do not need to be constantly near their posters but will need to be during the specified Poster Session Time.


  • If submitting multiple proposals, please submit each separately.
  • Information included in the proposal will be made public to reviewers. If selected, the talk will also be made public on the PyCon JP 2024 site.
  • You do not need to use your real name. It will not be public to reviewers but may be referred to by staff. Names and biographies will be public on the PyCon JP 2024 site if selected.


Q: Can I apply for multiple proposals with the same theme? (e.g., both a talk and a mini-talk on the same theme)
A: Yes, that is possible. We will ensure the same theme is not selected simultaneously, but please mention this in the Notes for clarity.

If you have any other questions, please inquire using the form below.

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You can enter proposals until 2024-06-01 20:59 (Asia/Tokyo), 2 days, 4 hours from now.