PyConLT 2020

PyConLT 2020 Call for Speakers

Conference Dates: 22-24 May 2020

Presentation content can be at a novice, intermediate or advanced level.

Talks will run 30-45 minutes and hands-on tutorials will run 90 minutes.

Accepted speakers receive a free ticket to attend the conference.

Travel expenses. There is a budget dedicated to speaker travel. Please answer if your require financial assistance.

In general conference attendees, as well as the review committee, should be able to answer these questions based on your submission:
- What problem is your talk addressing (are you talking about a well known problem or have you found something new during a project)
- Why is the problem relevant to the audience
- What is(are) your solution(s) to the problem, or are you simply pointing out the fact there is an issue we should be aware of (this is also extremely useful)
- What are the main takeaways from your talk. For tutorial submission this is extremely important, please specify what people will have learned at the end of the tutorial session.

Exemplary submission

Submission Process:

  1. After you submit a talk proposal, the conference committee will review the proposals and communicate any needed feedback or improvements.


Open Source

Open Source As a reminder, PyConLT and PyData presentations are intended to share knowledge and experience. To this end, we encourage the code and/or data that your talk relies on to be open-source. Ideally, the audience would have access to the necessary tools to reproduce the results of the talk. Also, we welcome talks focused on your own practical application of tools and concepts either at work or in your free time, but discourage sales oriented proposals whose sole aim is to sell a product.

You can enter submissions until 2020-03-31 23:13 (Europe/Vilnius), 3 months, 3 weeks from now.