PyCon UK 2019

Gisela Rossi

Gisela Rossi got her Bs. and Ms. in Computer Science with focus on research. She is now a software engineer that has been working with Python for 3 years and believes it is a beautiful and uncluttered language. Gisela loves order and will MariKondo your desk and code if you let her. She is passionate about improving diversity and inclusion in the industry and that is why she became co-leader of PyLadies London. Other interests include oil painting, going to the gym and napping with her kitten.

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Dictionaries, behind the scenes
Gisela Rossi

Have you ever wondered how Python’s dictionaries work behind the scenes? For the curious minds: we will unveil some of the magic, things ranging from performance to security, and some surprises. For the pragmatists: we’ll see cases where understanding the internals can have practical applications

Room D