PyCon UK 2019

Gail Ollis

I have been presenting at conferences since 2007. It has also become part of my day job, as a lecturer in programming and cyberpsychology at Bournemouth University. But that’s my accidental second career. I was a commercial software developer for two decades and became so obsessed with the human aspects of the job that I took a psychology degree to investigate further. In 2019 I’ve finally completed my PhD in psychology of software development and I’m planning to apply my special interdisciplinary outlook to cyber security research. I can’t see myself ever becoming a full-time researcher, though. Working with students can sometimes be frustrating and I have never worked longer hours, but it’s the most fulfilling work I have ever done.


Let's make a talk
Gail Ollis

How do you write a talk? In this practical workshop you will find out. You’ll receive some guidance, techniques and principles, but there will also be time to prepare a lightning talk and present it.

Room C