PyCon UK 2019

Wietse Braam

I have started IT at the age of 20, educated as a cobol programmer on Mainframe and HpNSK.
After 7 years of developing in cobol, C and C++ on this platform (and some windows) I changed course and moved to a different company, where I became responsible for coding and EDI engine in perl, as well as setting up a SOA/Bpm solution using java and SAP PI. I also touched my frist python code at this job,
3 Years later I moved back to ING, this time in the position of Infrastructure engineer, responsible for developing Websphere MQ, Tibco, and Managed file transfer solutions on lots of platforms (Mainframe, Hpnsk, Linux, Windows, Solaris, Aix, etc.

At this job I got the opportunity to become a chapterlead, which basically is a management function where you are HR responsible for a team of engineers (I mainly function as a coach for them) while also being the lead engineer in certain areas for the department.

In the meantime I also switched teams within ING and am now in a team that focusses on software development mainly developing microservices using Java Spring and python flask. That run on an openshift platform.

Next to work, IT has always been a hobby as well. And I have been working on lots of side projects (from helping a friends back-end coding in python to game development in C++ and Java).

Hobby wise. I play keyboards and write music for my progressive rock/metal band and a synthpop side project. And am also doing a lot of volunteer work for our local scouting group, where I am a board member and responsible for coaching the teams of scouts leaders, helping with difficult talks with kids, parents and within the teams.


Flask-restplus workshop for beginners
Wietse Braam, Alp Inan

Small workshop how to build your first api's using flask restplus. Hands-on! Please make sure you have python 3.6+ and pip installed!

This will be the link to the workshop code:

Room I