PyCon UK 2019

Yeray Díaz Díaz

I’m a full stack software engineer based in London, UK. I work as a freelancer helping companies develop maintainable and scalable projects.

I code primarily in Python and Javascript and have experience in Ruby, Objective-C, or C#, but most of all I love clean code.

I’m a moderator and contributor on, co-organizer of the London Python Meetup and also like to write about code, usually articles that help people get started on certain technologies or practices that I’ve struggled with or am passionate about.

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Import as an antipattern - Demystifying Dependency Injection in modern Python
Yeray Díaz Díaz

Dependency Injection in Python is commonly seen as over-engineering, but I think this is a myth. DI is simple and powerful and can yield great benefits to the overall quality of your code.

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