PyCon UK 2019


Kashish Mittal is a Security Researcher and Engineer. He currently is the Head of Security at MileIQ, a Microsoft startup. He has worked for companies such as Elevate Security, Duo Security, Bank of America, Deutsche Bank etc. By choice, he is an ethical hacker and an addicted CTF player. Prior to joining Duo, he did Security Research at Cylab, Pittsburgh. He has a BS and a MS from Carnegie Mellon University with a focus on Security. He is passionate about delivering Security awareness and training for employees, college students and high schoolers etc. He has been invited to presented his research and work at various national and International Security conferences.


Charming the Snake - Writing Secure Python Code

Python, being dynamic and not type safe, is hard to write securely. Vulnerabilities such as injections, XSS, CSRF etc. are hard to find through static analysis tools. This talk is a comprehensive guide on how to write secure code in Python and also how to catch bugs.

Ferrier Hall