PyCon UK 2019

David Chong

I am a medical student at the University of Cambridge and a self-taught programmer who started programming since 12 years old because I wanted to make computer games. Over the years I have picked up most main stream programming languages including C++, Java, R, Python, full stack web development etc. When I went to University I started to work on computational projects in genomics, cancer, neuroscience, and biomaker events. I have an interest in computer science in general not just machine learning, and am always trying to find biology or clinically related projects to work on. I also enjoy trying out new food and recipes, playing osrs, and forcing myself to exercise (not sure if I enjoy this).

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Python in Medicine: A toolkit for exploring neonatal ventilator data
David Chong, Gusztav Belteki

Modern ventilators generate large amounts of pressure and flow data that clinicians cannot realistically monitor over long periods of time. A toolkit for segmentation and extracting breath-wise features would provide a means for summarising this information and investigating the relationship of different ventilator and patient characteristics to individual breaths.

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