PyCon UK 2019

Rafael Garcia-Dias

Rafael is a Brazilian physicist currently working in neuroscience. Last year he finished his PhD in astrophysics, in Spain, where he applied K-means to find patterns in a sample of more than 250 thousand stars in our Galaxy. He moved to London to work in a neuroscience project that aims to use machine learning in 3D images of patient brains to diagnose conditions like Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s disease and psychosis. Recently he has written a Chapter for the book Machine learning methods and applications to brain disorders.

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How to use Python to expose politicians?
Rafael Garcia-Dias

This talk presents a project that uses an API of the Brazilian government to retrieve data from congresspeople and expose how they are spending people's money. I use Pandas to manipulate the data and, Lektor and Chart.JS to create a website that makes this data accessible and comprehensible.

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