PyCon UK 2019

Dom Weldon

Dom Weldon is a Principal Software Engineer and head of production at decisionLab, a London-based mathematical modelling consultancy with expertise in machine learning, simulation, optimization and visualization. Dom's team specialize in taking models from data scientists and turning them into production ready tools. Current clients include the Royal Navy, Siemens, GSK and various UK public bodies.

Dom came to decisionLab from his PhD studies in Computational Geography at King's College London, his initial degree was in Natural Sciences at the University of Cambridge, and he holds a master's in the historical and cultural geography of the Cold War United States. Outside of work, Dom is interested in languages and travelling, and holds a voluntary statutory appointment on a board monitoring the welfare and dignity of prisoners in a challenging North London jail.


Dash: Interactive Data Visualization Web Apps with no Javascript
Dom Weldon

From the team that makes Plotly, Dash is a library for producing interactive web apps with Python. This talk introduces Dash and will discuss how it may fit into your team!

Room D