PyCon UK 2019

Gusztav Belteki

I am a consultant neonatologist (doctor looking after sick newborn infants) in Rosie Hospital, Cambridge. I am interested in mechanical ventilation of sick babies. I am also a Python enthusiast and I am using Python and its data science packages ( numpy, pandas, matplotlib, scipy, scikit-learn) to analyse the high-throughput data downloaded from neonatal ventilators (breathing machines). I am studying how ventilators perform and how babies interact with the ventilators


Python in Medicine: A toolkit for exploring neonatal ventilator data
David Chong, Gusztav Belteki

Modern ventilators generate large amounts of pressure and flow data that clinicians cannot realistically monitor over long periods of time. A toolkit for segmentation and extracting breath-wise features would provide a means for summarising this information and investigating the relationship of different ventilator and patient characteristics to individual breaths.

Room D