PyCon UK 2019

Sans I/O programming patterns – what, why, and how
09-13, 12:00–12:30 (Europe/London), Assembly Room

Programmers have plenty of powerful, flexible libraries – and yet we often end up reinventing the wheel. Why? Because they’re not reusable – code gets trapped by its I/O model.

In this talk, we’ll look at the benefits and techniques for writing “sans I/O” code.

This talk looks at the “sans I/O” programming pattern. I’ll talk about the problems of writing code that mixes I/O and business logic, how you can write your code in a sans I/O way, and the benefits of doing so. We’ll also look at some examples of code that uses this pattern, so you can see how to use it in your codebase.

This pattern isn’t revolutionary or life-changing, but it does give you a codebase that's nicer to work with.

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