PyCon UK 2019

Data Scientist Career Path: How to find your way through the data science maze
09-14, 14:30–15:00 (Europe/London), Assembly Room

The demand of data science is huge and employers are investing significant time and money in Data Scientists. During this talk we will share our experiences, and provide a survival guide to help get you started in your data science career.

Organisations and individuals are “always on”, leaving digital traces of everything, all the time everywhere. And someone needs to handle that information, meaning that people with the skills and curiosity to find meaning from swimming in data are an object of desire for many industries including finance, retail and ecommerce.

The data science job outlook continues to be on the upward trajectory as the influx of data isn’t likely to cease anytime soon and enterprises will need individuals with the skills to parse through data tangle and help increase its value.

This talk will offer a data science survival guide and cover – ‘What I wish I’d known about data science’, We will share our insights and most valuable lessons learned on breaking into the field of data science and launching a career.

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