PyCon UK 2019

Python on Hardware Community Showcase (Open Session)
09-15, 10:30–12:00 (Europe/London), Room A

Do you have a hardware project you'd like to showcase?

From tiny to massive, everything and everyone are welcomed!

An open session for any conference attendee to bring their hardware projects.

Don’t have anything to show? Come around at anytime to check it out!

Python on hardware is awesome, we have standard Python, Micropython, CircuitPython or AnyOtherPython running on things like Rasberrpy Pis, micro:bits, Pyboards, CircuitPlaygrouds, ESP boards, and any other embedded device or Single Board Computer. But what’s really cool is all the amazing things the community makes.

This is YOUR chance to show the world what you have been working on!

No matter how big or small, simple or complex, hacky or professional, we would love to check it out and hear all about it. And we meant it! This is an open space for all levels, from a blinking LED to a robot to conquer the world (well, maybe just make sure there is a kill-switch).

So, make a little bit of space in your suitcase and bring your Python on Hardware projects to Cardiff.

Is your proposal suitable for beginners? – yes

Software Engineer @ Micro:bit Educational Foundation

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