PyCon UK 2019

The Not-So-Private Side of Social Media
2019-09-13, 17:00–17:30, Assembly Room

A wake-up talk about the risks and privacy issues that we, the users, are facing when using social networking sites such as facebook, snapchat, twitter and instagram. How the data itself if exposing us to become victims of phishing, identity theft or even physical harm.

Users of social media tend to believe that they are careful with what they share online, except it isn’t always their own fault but their attitudes, paradoxes, privacy settings and even their own friends and family.
This talk is based on a thesis that could not stay only in paper.
I’m a recent graduate student in Digital Forensics from Norway. In this talk, I explore the concepts of Social Media Intelligence as a subset of Open Source Intelligence, and how under this concept, all the data that users are sharing in social media, can be collected by others.
Although this case study focuses particularly in the use of Social Media in Norway with alarming results, the methodology can be applied anywhere in the world.

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